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Chamberlain & Partners serves the consulting needs of investment, development and governmental organizations in the United States with a focus on Commercial, Infrastructure and Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD's) and Public-Private Partnerships (P3s).

Chamberlain & Partners works with its clients through complex investment and development situations to help optimize investment returns and project outcomes for commercial and P3 developments.  From analysis of market demand, investment and joint-venture analysis, highest and best use analysis, rent-roll optimization, development programming, phasing analysis, financial modeling and optimized deal structuring, a detailed investment and financial roadmap will be established and managed for client projects.  Chamberlain & Partners also prepares details project pro-formas and cash flow analyses for financing negotiations with commercial lenders. 

Chamberlain & Partners' guiding objective is to create optimum returns for clients through carefully screenend and enhanced value investments which improve the quality of urban life. 

"Mr. Chamberlain worked on a variety of complex development projects for K2 Urbancorp LLC.  Through his work we developed clear financial roadmaps and development programs, a good understanding of the different project risks and optimized the project financing and deal structures.  I would highly recommend his company as a valuable investment and development resource."

David B. Wamsley
CEO, K2 Urbancorp LLC

  Richard Chamberlain, Senior Consultant:



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